5 Canoeing Tips For Beginners

Canoes are amazing. They enable you to experience the waters in a way that huge boats and ships can’t (padlespesialisten). They also come in different types: from the white water canoe known for river paddling to recreational canoes, which are highly known. We also have the racing canoes and the intermediate canoes. It takes experience and awareness to note the difference in these boats.

For those new in the game, it may not be easy to steer the simple boats ahead as it requires some skills. Here are a few tips for those canoeing for the first time :

1. Both paddlers should be in sync

Rhythm is quite essential. The peddler at the front determines the tempo to be picked by the peddler at the back. This works to increase the momentum going forward (https://www.padlespesialisten.no/categories/sup). To ensure you move in a straight line, keep switching sides as you learn the various steering strokes like the sweep stroke or J-stroke.

2. Paddlers should be on both sides

This ensures stability as you roar forwards. Also, it’s advisable to kneel when the winds and waters are raging high for stability reasons too.

3. Have Your Personal Flotation Device On

Accidents happen, and by that, you need to be ready. Better safe than sorry, they say. According to research, 75% of paddlers who happened to drown were found with no floating device on. Make sure it’s comfortable so that you have it on at all times.

4. Ensure your paddle shaft is vertically placed

There is a blade that exists at the paddle. Having the paddle shaft vertical enables the blade to also be vertical during the power phase while stroking. This promotes forward movement.

5. Understand the geography of the area

It’s important to know the area well before the real adventure. Have your map and know some of the features that exist. Also, visit the place beforehand. For instance, you may be canoeing in a river that is draining to a dam. Lack of knowledge may have you trapped.

With the above tips, it’s now time to get yourself proper attire and experience the canoeing adventure.